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DNA contig assembly

An affordable alternative to the really expensive software for DNA sequence assembly and contig editing.




Sanger/short contig bioinformatics tools


sequence assembly DNA Baser Sequence Assembler  

DNA Baser Sequence Assembler is unique and revolutionary bioinformatics software for

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The ultimate DNA sequence analysis & assembly software

Chromatogram Explorer Chromatogram Explorer Lite

Chromatogram Explorer


Allows quick DNA sequence inspection:

  • Display sample's content as you browse through your folders
  • Highlight low quality regions
  • Manually or automatically trim low quality ends (batch)
  • Convert between miscellaneous formats
  • View FASTA, SEQ, TXT, SCF, ABI, AB, AB!, AB1 samples
  • View sample properties & statistics
  • Display confidence scores


  Sanger Sequence dereplicator Sequence dereplicator

Clone Library Dereplicator simplifies the dereplication of all type sequence libraries (16S rRNA, 18S rRNA, 23S rRNA, 28S rRNA, functional and structural proteins) and prepares the raw sequences for subsequent analyses or contig assembly. Clone Library Dereplicator sorts all unique DNA sequences (FASTA) belonging to your clone libraries, by moving/coping them into the specified folder.



sequence assembler

DNA Counter Cell counter Grid cell counter


Cell Counter is a freeware tool that will help you to manually count the cells shown on computer screen by displaying a transparent or semi-transparent grid over your image.









NextGen bioinformatics tools


NextGen Sequence Analyzer

An efficient and easy to use FastQ/SFF viewer, editor, filter and converter. NextGen Workbench is the first and the only complete FastQ/SFF editor with graphic interface on the entire bioinformatics market! The program can process huge FastQ/SFF files even when running o a modest computer. Freeware

  • Delete samples; cut a file in smaller pieces
  • Convert from FastQ/SFF to multiFASTA format
  • Sort samples by name, average quality and length
  • Displays info: number of samples/reads, average quality of each sample, sample length, mini-chromatograms, clipped ends
  • Compact and portable (no installation required)


Sequence Dereplicator


Sequence Dereplicator is a graphic interface tool that allows you to dereplicate your Fasta sequences via sequence clustering.



Size: 2 MB

sequence assembler


Avalanche Workbench Download-DNA sequence analysis and assembly software

Avalanche Workbench is a visual data analysis & DNA sequence data mining tool for biologists.

It offers a visual graphic interface through which you can search (eSearch, eLink, eSummary, eFetch) biology databases such as NCBI or get visual access to sequence processing tools/servers.



sequence assembler





NCBI suite


NCBI Blast Installer


A tool that automatically downloads and installs the latest NCBI Blast+ edition in your computer.



sequence assembler


NCBI Blast DB Downloader Download-DNA sequence analysis and assembly software

A tool that automates the NCBI BLAST DB download process. It automatically downloads and unpacks the selected NCBI Blast databases from NCBI ftp server.




NCBI Database Builder NCBI Blast automation tool

A tool that allows you to create Blast databases from your own Fasta files.



sequence assembler







Other tools


DNA Baser console  

This is a the command line version of DNA Baser Sequence Assembler. Now you can harness the power and accuracy of DNA Baser at a new level by performing custom sequence assembly from your very own scripts.


Download page

BaserConsole.exe ^
   /InputFolder="c:\samples\" ^
   /FileType='*.scf' ^
   /OutputFolder="c:\samples\out" ^

pause > nul

sequence assembler

sequence assembly PolyPro - Polynucleotide probe design Freeware


In situ hybridization of genes and mRNA is most often based on polynucleotide probes.

We recently developed a concept and software (PolyPro) for rational design of polynucleotide probe mixes to identify particular genes in defined taxa. PolyPro consists of three modules: a GenBank Taxonomy Extractor (GTE), a Polynucleotide Probe Designer (PPD) and a Hybridization Parameters Calculator (HPC).


Download page


onvertrix - A Batch DNA Sample Converter

Convertrix - A Batch DNA Sample Converter  

Convertrix is a molecular biology command line tool for converting between several popular DNA sample formats. It can automatically trim the untrusted regions (low quality bases) at the end of samples. The program needs no manual: a graphic interface is available to help you to generate the command line.


Date of release: April 2010

Download page

onvertrix - A Batch DNA Sample Converter

multi-FASTA to FASTA Everything to FASTA converter  


Everything to Fasta Converter converts at batch the samples (SCF, ABI, FASTA, multiFasta, GBK, multiGBK, SEQ, TXT) to FASTA format. Protein FASTA files are also supported.



multi-FASTA to FASTA converter


GBK to FASTA converter freeware GBK to FASTA converter  


GenBank to FASTA converter is a a freeware molecular biology tool that can convert GenBank (gb/gbk) file format to FASTA format.



GBK to FASTA converter

DNA Counter DNA Nucleotide Counter  


DNA Nucleotide Counter is a freeware tool that shows the proportions between nucleotides (A, C, G, T, CG, AT) in a DNA sequence. Compact and easy to use.



DNA Nucleotide Counter



Installs in any computer!


Our bioinformatics software tools can be installed in any Windows computer and it works properly EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS. In this case just install the program somewhere else than Program Files; for example in a folder where you have write permissions such as 'c:\MyPersonalFolder', 'Desktop' or 'My Documents'.





Our software tools are really small so you can easily copy them on a floppy disk or USB flash stick and take them with you or send them to your colleagues via email.



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