DNA chromatogram assembly
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DNA trace assembly
DNA chromatogram assembly








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  • April - DNA Baser price increased
  • April - DNA Sequence Assembler v4.14 available for download
  • April - A new NextGen tool is available: FastQ Workbench.
  • January - DNA Sequence Assembler v4.10 available for download



  • 2013.12 - DNA Sequence Assembler v4 available for download. This version features a state-of-the-are base caller and mutation detection.
  • 2013.04 - DNA Sequence Assembler v4 announced.
  • 2013.03 - DNA Baser v3.5.4 is released.



  • DNA Baser v3.5.2 is released.
  • TheScientist service launched. TheScientist gives you your VERY OWN web site.



  • August - DNA Baser Console is released.
  • August - DNA Baser v3.5 is released.
  • June - DNA Baser v4 under construction. This version is oriented to next generation (Solexa, 454, etc) sequencing. Version will be released in (about) 6 months.
  • July - SFF Workbench is ready.
  • February - DNA Baser v3.2 is released. This version allows the user to assembler longer samples. 



  • December - DNA Baser v3.0 (final) is released to the public.
  • June - DNA Baser v3 is available for beta testers. Major improvements are available in this release.
  • New article published together with researchers from Max Planck Institute
  • The company changes its name from HeracleSoftware to BioSoft to better reflect its domain of activity.
  • DNA Baser is working on Windows 64 bit platforms
  • DNA Baser version 2.9x is available for download!
  • RNA Baser package was dropped. Functionality offered by RNA Baser was incorporated in DNA Baser.
  • New tool launched: 'Batch assembly by plates' helps you to batch-assemble your files based on the way you place the primers on your plates.



  • Windows 7 support added
  • DNA Baser version 2.7x is available for download! Over 120 improvements and new features were added since v2.11. Here are listed only a few of them.



  • DNA Baser tested on Linux via WinE
  • Chromatogram Explorer v2.5 is out!
  • DNA sequence dereplication function added
  • DNA Baser v2.6x is out
  • Beta-tester list is again open for v2.6x
  • DNA Baser package for Mac OS X available for download
  • DNA Baser celebrates EARTH DAY
  • New freeware tool available for download: ABI to FASTA converter
  • New freeware tool available for download: Grid cell counter
  • New license type available. Find out more about the new SITE license here.
  • Announcing the RNA Baser project
  • DNA Baser has started a cooperation with the SILVA project for joined future development
  • Starting with version 2.2, DNA Baser will also run in systems that use Unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic...).
  • DNA Baser version 2.1x is available now! Over 50 improvements and new features are waiting for you since v2.7. Here are listed only a few of them:
  • New feature: Batch assembly. Thousand of contigs can be assembled at once.
  • New feature: Assemble using a reference sequence.
  • New feature: Project map.
  • Due to a very high number of requests, DNA Baser can be downloaded as self-extracting package (installer) now.



  •  Support for Windows 95/98 was dropped. Instead we will add better support for Windows XP, 2003, Vista.



  • DNA Baser v1.0 released



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