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Installing DNA Sequence Assembler

Running two instances at the same time

Installing multiple versions



Using different versions of DNA Sequence Assembler

Because DNA Baser is a system-independent program, it is possible to have more than one version of DNA Baser installed in your computer at a moment. The only minor caveat is that only one version/installation will be associated with the sample files (SCF, ABI, SEQ, and FASTA). Usually, this is the latest version installed.


We recommend you to install multiple versions using a folder structure similar to this:

   c:\Program Files\DNA Baser v1.00

   c:\Program Files\DNA Baser v2.50

   c:\Program Files\DNA Baser v3.00




Running two simultaneous instances of DNA Sequence Assembler simultaneously


Starting with DNA Sequence Assembler version 2.62, you cannot normally run two instances of DNA Baser at the same time. More exactly, if you double click a sample file, and an instance of DNA Sequence Assembler is already running, that the file will be loaded in the running instance instead of starting a new instance.

However, this can be overridden. In order to run two instances simultaneously, navigate to installation folder (the folder where you installed DNA Baser). In the 'System' folder you will find a file called "OnlyOneInstance" (see the example below). Delete (or rename) this file and restart DNA Sequence Assembler.

Examples of possible location for this file:

  • C:\DNA BASER\System\OnlyOneInstance
  • C:\Program Files\DNA BASER\System\OnlyOneInstance





DNA Baser v2 and v3 use different folders to store the settings and the primer files, so they will not conflict.





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