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DNA Baser Assembler was cited in thousands of scientific articles and books and is used by countless companies and research institutions all over the world.

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By ordering our product(s) you get:

  • Best price on the market. There are no hidden fees/charges.
  • Instant access to the product purchased: place your order NOW to have the software up and running within minutes.
  • A purchased license is valid for life. You don't have to renew it each year.
  • No maintenance fee: while other companies charge an annual maintenance fee, sometimes as high as 300$ per license, we don't.
  • Free lifetime customer support.
  • Free access to software updates.
  • Unlimited number of downloads: you can re-download the software from our web site in case your CD is lost/destroyed.
  • Confidence that you got the best product on the market. DNA Sequence Assembler was cited in over 800 published scientific articles.




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DNA Baser Assembler

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Purchase FAQFAQ


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept the following methods of payment: Credit cards, PO/Proforma Invoice, Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer, Pay via phone, Fax, Mail, Check, Electronic Check, Skrill (Moneybookers). You can enter your preferred method of payment during purchase.



Do you accept other currency beside US dollars?


Yes. We accept over 70 different currencies. An option to choose your currency will be shown on screen during purchase. If your currency is not accepted, you can still place the order in US dollars. The amount will be automatically converted at your bank.



There are any hidden taxes and fees?

A DNA Sequence Assembler license is for life; you do not have to renew it every year*. There are no other hidden or monthly taxes for support or updates. The support is free (included in price). Additional taxes (if any) are clearly shown before you place the final order. There won’t be any secondary charges on your credit card after the initial payment.


Over the price stated by Price Calculator, our reseller will charge:

  • $8 for manual processing your order IF the order is placed via PO
  • $8 IF the payment is made via WireTransfer

In rare situations when transferring money from EU to our reseller (USA) the intermediary banks may apply a small currency conversion or Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer fee. Please note this fee is not applied by us. Details


* Except the 'Rent' license.


Can I try before I buy?


We strongly recommend you to test DNA Sequence Assembler before placing the order to make sure it fits your needs.
DNA Sequence Assembler can be used during the trial period free of charge. Instant download available here.



A new update is available for download. Can I update for free?

Yes. All updates are free of charge for our customers. DNA Baser will automatically inform you when a new update is out. Just make sure that the 'Check for updates' feature is enabled in DNA Baser.



I need your bank details to send the payment

Bank details are shown on screen when you place your order.



How to access my order details


During purchase an account is created for you on our reseller's web site. You can login into this account to view your status order or to access/update necessary documents (invoice, payment details, etc).


Is it safe to purchase online?

Yes. All orders are placed via secure (encrypted) HTTP (also called HTTPS). Details



Do I need to contact you before purchasing?


No. The whole process is automated. The system automatically processes your order and sends your unlock key.

However, if you have questions we will gladly answer them, so please don't hesitate to contact us.



I am from Asia. How can I order?


It doesn't matter from which country/region you are. Customers all over the world can place orders through this page. If you are in a special situation and you cannot spend money outside your country you can ask a specialized firm in your country to import the software for you. For Japan we can point you to such company.



Can I receive a backup CD?


We offer a backup CD (for few extra dollars). An "Order CD" option will be shown on screen during purchase.

Please note that the CD contains ONLY the software not also the registration info (the registration info is unique to each customer). However, for most customer a CD is not necessary. You can download the software from our web site at any time, completely free.


The CD is mailed from California, USA. Based on your location it may take from 2 to 7 days to reach you.



Can I upgrade to a better license?


Yes. Details here.



I need your business info for my Purchases department


Our contact details are on the Contact page. However, you will not purchase directly from us but from BlueSnap (our reseller). Therefore, you need BlueSnap details which are available here (includes W9 form). These details will also be available on the quote generated during purchase.



Can I use my personal credit card to purchase and get reimbursed later?


Yes. You can use your personal credit card to place the order. Later, your company can reimburse you the money.

Actually, manu customers are using this method to avoid the bureaucracy. In the Order page, you have a field where you can enter our company name. The billing address HAS to be yours as it is required to check the validity of the card. After you have completed your order you can login to your customer account. This account is automatically created for you during purchase. In this account you can change the info and update your company address (check the "settings" section). You can then retrieve an invoice via the Customer Self-Support page, print it and use it to get reimbursed.



What is the difference between Rent, Standard and Site license?


The license types are explained here



Can I use DNA Baser immediately after purchase?


In case you placed a 'fast order' then the answer is Yes. Details.







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