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DNA Baser Assembler


You can upgrade in several different ways as explained below. Our recommendation for upgrading to a new version of DNA Baser is procedure number III (unless otherwise specified in the download page).


I. Clean install (delete old installation and install the new one)

  1. Close DNA Baser and uninstall it. (Note: the uninstall procedure can resume to deleting the settings file)
  2. Follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 described in the "How to install DNA Baser for the first time" page.


II. Install two different versions (parallel installation)


This allows you to keep in your computer two or more versions of DNA Baser (for example v2.7, v2.9 and v3). You may want to read the "Running two instances at the same time".

  1. If the old version was installed in a folder such as "c:\DNA Baser v2.9" then install the new version in a different folder (such as "c:\DNA Baser v3").
  2. Create a desktop shortcut to the new installed program (optional)


III. Install in top of an existing installation

To install a new version of DNA Baser in top of an old one:

  1. Close DNA Baser if it is running. Close any other associated programs (Chromatogram Explorer, ShowDesktop Alternative, etc).
  2. Follow the steps described in the "How to install DNA Baser for the first time" page. When the installer asks you where to install the program, point it to the folder where the old version is already installed.





Deleting the settings file


The settings file stores the current DNA Baser settings. If you do NOT delete the settings file:

  • The old settings will be kept.
  • The old Primers database will be kept.
  • The 'Welcome-You are using DNA Baser for the first time...' message will not appear.
  • The new installed version will not associate itself with the sample files (ABI, SCF, FASTA, SEQ, etc)



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