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DNA assembly download

Uninstalling DNA Sequence Assembler

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Before uninstalling the program


Before uninstalling DNA Sequence Assembler, please let us know the reason. If necessary, we will provide free support!


Uninstall procedure

DNA Sequence Assembler is system-independent. This means that no garbage was installed into your system! To uninstall, just delete its installation folder.


Step by step uninstall procedure:

  • Make sure that DNA Sequence Assembler and other programs delivered in DNA Baser package (such as Show Desktop Alternative) are not running.
  • Go to the installation folder (default is 'C:\DNA Baser') and delete it.
  • Delete the Desktop icon also.

In case you receive a message like "Folder cannot be deleted" it means that you forgot to stop DNA Sequence Assembler or its helper tools.



User files/settings

The above procedure will uninstall ONLY files created during program installation. Other files/settings created by user needs to be deleted by user.

  • Assembly files
    Locate and delete also all Contigs, FASTA, SEQ, SCF and LOG files generated by user with DNA Sequence Assembler.
  • File association settings
    If during setup you instructed DNA Baser to associate itself with SCF/FASTA/ABI files, this association will persist until you install a different program that will associate itself with SCF/FASTA/ABI files. Note: This is a limitation in Microsoft Windows.







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