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As always, we will do our best to answer your questions in less than 12 hours. No matter if you are a customer or a trial user, YOU WILL GET YOUR ANSWER.






There are several ways of getting support:

  • Embedded help system - The easiest way of getting help about a GUI (graphic user interface) item, keep the mouse above that item. A small window will pop-up, displaying information about that item. Almost all items are documented this way.

  • User manual - If the Embedded Help System is not enough, then please browse the manual. In most cases, the answer will be there.

  • Search - Search the entire web site.

  • Email support




Frequently asked questions related to orders





Do you have a feature request?


We do accept feature requests from our users. DNA Baser was created mostly based on requests and suggestions from our users/customers. Due to our very high update rate, you can expect us to be VERY RESPONSIVE to your needs or suggestions. Of course, we cannot make any warranty that the feature you are requesting will be delivered but we will do your best to implement the feature you are requesting.

Do you think you have found a bug!

In the eventuality you have found a bug or having difficulties running DNA Baser on your computer, please visit this page. A special team will be assigned to you in order to offer you additional support.



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