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The sample files used in DNA sequence analysis/assembly can be split in two main categories:

  • Sequence files  (Sanger)
    The sequence files (also called plain sequence files or simple sequence files) are basically TXT files that contain strings of DNA bases. These files have the following extensions: FASTA, SEQ, TXT, GBK. These files can be opened with a simple text editor or with special software tools (such as DNA Baser). Because of their rather rudimentary format, these files cannot store all information you need. We strongly recommend you to use chromatogram files whenever possible/available.
  • Chromatogram files  (Sanger)
    The chromatogram files are special computer files (binary files) that additionally to the string of DNA bases also contain the electropherogram of your sample and quality information about the base call. You need special software tools (such as DNA Baser) to open chromatogram files.


For a full list of file formats supported by DNA Baser please see this page.


Chromatogram files versus plain text sequences:


  Bases Chromatogram Quality info Comments File extension
Sequence files Yes No No Sometimes FASTA, SEQ, TXT, GBK
Chromatogram files Yes Yes Yes Yes SCF, ABI




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