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DNA Sequence Assembler

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How much does it cost?


A DNA Sequence Assembler license costs between and . The price depends on:

  • the license type (business/academic)
  • the license period (temporary/permanent)
  • the number of licenses purchased
  • the modules purchased (batch sequence assembly, mutation detection, command line module, etc)
  • the extra options (companion tools, free license upgrades, payment method, etc)

To see DNA Baser price right now, start the Price Calculator and choose the license and the modules that are suitable for you.

Note: We do not charge preferentially. Our price is the same for all our customers.



How to place an order?


You can place your order by yourself without contacting us. In the bioinformatics package downloaded from our web site you will find a tool called Price Calculator. It fully automates the whole process.

However, you can also email us. Just let us know your purchase details and we will send you a quote.

We will waive $25 from the listed price if you place the order yourself and don't additional documents from us (such as: W9 form, company details for your vendor database, PO/invoice, etc).


Via credit card

Start Price Calculator. Click the 'Place order now' button. The license (unlock key) will be sent to you via email in minutes.

NOTE: A 5% credit card processing fee applies. Consider the Bank Transfer option to avoid this fee.


Via PO/bank transfer

Start Price Calculator. Click the 'Place order now' button. The license (unlock key) will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.



How to get a quote/invoice


You can get a quote directly from Price Calculator (simply take a screenshot of the program, paste it in a Word or PDF document and send it to your Accounting/Purchases department.

Since 2001 documents generated electronically do not need a signature. But if they want a quote signed by us just let us know and we will provide it. (Some people still live in the past OR love trashing our environment with papers that in the end will end up anyway in the garbage) :)

Invoice: We do not send an invoice by default. If you need one please request it via email.



What is Price Calculator?


Price Calculator is a tool provided with DNA Baser that generates a quote and allows you place the order without contacting us.


DNA Sequence Assembler v4 - Price Calculator

Fig 1: Price Calculator tool delivered in DNA Baser package. Note: The price you see listed in this screenshot may not be up to date.


How to run Price Calculator

  1. Run DNA Sequence Assembler v4
  2. Go to the Info menu and click the Instant purchase
  3. Choose the modules you need
  4. Press 'Place order' button to place your order

Start Price Calculator from inside DNA Sequence Assembler v4


  • If you want to obtain information about any item/module shown in Price Calculator, just hoover the mouse over that item for one second. An informative tool tip will pop-up.
  • You can close Price Calculator and continue another day. It will remember the entered data.
  • Price Calculator is not available in DNA Baser v3. Please download the DNA Baser v4 package or download only Price Calculator from here.





DNA Sequence Assembler is sold 'by module'. This means that you don't have to waste money on modules you are not interested in.

  • Basic tools ($0)
    • Sequence viewers
    • Sequence editors
    • Sequence dereplication
    • Reverse Complement tool
    • Primer/vector detector
    • other functions
  • Standard sequence assembly ($410)
    • Sequence editing
    • Automatic vector removal
    • Automatic sequence end trimming
    • Automatic ambiguity correction
    • Contig editing
    • Automatic contig saving
    • Automatic project saving, other functions)
  • Batch sequence assembly ($130)
    Allows you to assemble thousands of DNA sequence pairs at batch, in only few minutes, without any user intervention! This module is HIGHLY recommended if you have lots of sequences! Includes:
    • Batch sequence assembly by folder (your sequences are paired in folders)
    • Batch sequence assembly by filename pattern (the sequence pairs can be recognized by their name)
  • Mutation detection ($160)
    • in single chromatogram (SNP detection)
    • via sequence assembly (sequences from single organism)
    The following modes are available:
    • Multiploid, with cloning
    • Diploid, with cloning via sequence assembly (sequences from different organisms)
    • Haploids
    • Multiploids
    • Diploids
    Note: this module requires 'Base Caller' module
  • Base caller ($40)
    Our state-of-the-art base caller allows DNA Baser Assembler to re-compute the quality scores of your chromatograms which results in VERY accurate contigs.
    We highly recommend using this module if:
    • your samples are overall of poor quality
    • your samples do not have QV (quality values) included
    • you want to (time) efficiently assemble your sequences (since you don't have to manually inspect and validate the contigs)
    • you are interested in batch sequence assembly
  • Batch sequence processing & conversion ($25)
    Do you need to manually clean/convert thousands of sequences? With this module you can apply (at batch) the following operations on your sequences:
    • trim low quality ends
    • remove vectors
    • save sequences to disk or convert them to FASTA/multi-FASTA
  • Supported formats: ABI, SCF, multiFASTA, FASTA, SEQ, GBK, TXT


  • Sequence assembly scripting ($200)
    Ever dreamed of building your own sequence processing programs/scripts? This module allows you to integrate the command line version of DNA Sequence Assembler in your own programs, scripts, pipelines. For example you can create a pipeline script that searches for sequences in a folder, clean/assemble them (with DNA Baser) and pass the result to the next program in the pipeline, or upload it in a database for later processing. Note: This tool is based on DNA Sequence Assembler v3 engine. Details

Important note:

Prices above are discounted (for Academic users).

All prices above are informative. This page may not be promptly updated when price changes (last update: February 2016). Use the Price Calculator to obtain the up-to-date price






Price Calculator will offer a discount:

  • for every module you don't need (that you exclude from your license)
  • for each additional license you purchase (volume discount)
  • for Academic users
  • for customers that are purchasing with bank transfer
  • if you don't request additional documents from us (W9 form, vendor/supplier details, signed quote, PO/invoice, etc)









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