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DNA sequence assembly
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DNA Sequence Assembler



Order DNA Sequence Assembler Network License






Available upgrades


  • You can upgrade your current license to a more suitable one.
  • You can upgrade your DNA Baser v3 license to a v4 license.
  • You can purchase additional modules


Simply put, the price already paid is subtracted from the price of the license you want to upgrade to.

For all upgrades a $35 fee applies (costs for manually upgrading the license and resending the key).




Upgrading to from Standard to Site license


You can upgrade to Site license if you have already purchased a full DNA Baser license (you cannot upgrade from Rent to Site).

Upgrade Price = Site price - (DNA Baser price * No of licenses you already have) + fee

Please contact us for details.



Upgrading from Rent to Standard license


Upgrade Price = Standard price - Rent price + fee

If your Rent license has expired for more than one month, then only half of the already paid amount will be deducted. Therefore, upgrade as soon as your Rent license expires! Please contact us for details.



Upgrade from DNA Baser v3 to v4


You can upgrade from DNA Baser v3 to DNA Baser v4. For details please see the Upgrade Path.









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DNA contig assembly
DNA contig assembly
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