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DNA assembly download
DNA assembly download

Installing DNA Sequence Assembler

for the first time
Installing DNA Sequence Assembler-TOC

Sequence assembly software-TOC

Good to know

  • We know about the issues our customers (the scientists) are having with the IT administrators. This is why we designed DNA Baser to be installed and to run without the administrator password. You don't have to call your system administrator to install the program for you! DNA Sequence Assembler can be installed even by Guest users.
  • DNA Baser is a system independent: it does not require Java or other 3rd party programs, libraries, DLL's, plugins, etc. It doesn't install files in your system's core.
  • It takes only few MB of disk space
  • It loads really fast
  • It can be installed on all modern Windows operating systems


Note for Vista/Win 7 users

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 may display a message that says "This program might not have installed correctly". Please ignore this message and select "This program installed correctly" button displayed at the bottom of that message box.
  • If you are a DNA Baser v2 user running under Windows Vista or Window 7 please see this page.


Installing the network edition


DNA Baser Network Client will be installed in the same way (see steps 1-4 above). However, Network Master requires a special procedure.






Installing DNA Sequence Assembler


The install process is very simple and should not take more than 15-20 seconds (including the download). All you have to do is to download the installer, run it.



1. Download DNA Baser

Download DNA Sequence Assembler setup package in your computer. Your browser will ask you where to save the package. Choose 'Desktop'.


2. Start the installer


Please make sure the date/time of your computer is correct, else the trial period will instantly expire.

Locate the recently downloaded file on your Desktop and double click it. The installer will ask you (see figure below) where to install the program.



3. Choosing a destination folder


It is recommended to install the program in "C:\Program Files\DNA Baser".

However, you can also choose a different folder. For this please follow the instructions below:

Users with elevated/administrator permissions

You can install DNA Sequence Assembler anywhere you like.

Users with guest/limited permissions

You can install DNA Sequence Assembler in any folder to which you have write permissions. Before starting the installation process you can use Windows Explorer to create a folder special for DNA Baser such as 'C:\DNA Baser\' then, point the installer to that folder.


4. Install and run


When ready, press the "Install" button. In few seconds the installation process will be done and DNA Baser will automatically start. When DNA Baser runs for the first time it will also create an icon (shortcut) on your desktop.






You can simply try to install DNA Baser in any folder you like. If it doesn't work (for example, if Windows asks for an admin password and you don't have it), try a different folder until you find a place where Windows allows you to install it.








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