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Third party fees






How to make a payment via Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer

When you make the transfer IT IS CRITICAL to instruct the bank that you want a transfer of 'OUR' type and not 'SHA' or 'BEN'. This will ensure that the entire amount will reach us. Otherwise, some money will be lost because of possible bank transfer fees and you will have to make a second transfer.


How to do this? If you make the transfer via your bank's web site (online transfer) there should be an option (a check box or drop box) where you can indicate the transfer type. If you go to the bank personally you should indicate this to the clerk.



Details about international Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer fees

What is this fee?

This is a fee charged sometimes by intermediary banks during Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer.


When it appears?

In EU, most banks do not charge any Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer fee at all. Others are not charging for local Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer but they do charge to international Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer.


Does my bank have a Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer fee?

Please contact your bank representative and ask it to send their prices and fees

Check your contract and see if they offer this service for free or not.

From previous experience we have seen that the fee is usually below $15. But this totally depends on your bank.

Hint: Before starting the transfer, contact your bank representative and ask it to send their prices and fees. Ask if there will be any fee.


Who gets the money?

You must understand that WE are NOT the ones who charge you this extra fee! This fee never reaches our pocket!


Can it be avoided?

It can be avoided by making the payment via Credit Card instead of Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer.


What to do in case your bank charged a Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer fee?

In this case probably your order is stuck as it is only partially paid. If the contract with your bank allows them you charge the fee there is nothing you can do except to pay the remaining amount.

You can also ask them to send you the listing of the SWIFT transaction to see which intermediary bank applied the fee.



Currency conversion fees

In case you want to make the payment in other currency than the one specified on the invoice, your bank (or the intermediary banks) may apply a “Currency conversion fee”. This fee will be subtracted from the amount you intend to transfer and therefore the amount that will reach us will be less than expected.  To prevent this problem please choose the correct currency (currency of your country) when you place your order! For example, if you are from Europe and intend to pay in EURO, please choose EURO instead of US Dollars. If you do otherwise, please speak with your bank representative and ask what kind of currency conversion fees they charge and pay the difference. Important: Customers that opt for PO may get instructions to submit the payment in US dollars (even if the order was placed in other currency) in order to avoid currency conversion feed. Please follow the instructions.


Note: Please instruct your bank that you want to pay these fees separately from the amount that you need to pay for us. These fees are not applied by us so they may not appear on your invoice. You will have to ask your bank to issue a separate invoice for these fees (if you need it).







DNA contig assembly
DNA contig assembly
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