chromatogram assembly
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DNA sequence assembly
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A temporary unlock key is sent to you via email as soon as you place the order. The key is sent even if your payment hasn't reach us.

A definitive key is sent as soon as full payment is received.




How long does it take to process your order?


Generally, all orders except the ones placed via PO are processed within minutes by an automated system.

For Credit Card and PayPal payments the order is automatically processed, usually in few minutes.

For WireTransfer (Bank Transfer) and PO, it may take between few hours and tow days until the funds reach our account.


Very important - Please note that the estimated times above depend on your bank and not on us. For example your bank account may approve your wire transfer immediately. However, in some countries the transfers are manually checked and therefore they are not processed during night or weekends. If you are in a hurry, please phone your bank and ask for a priority transfer.



Methods of payment by speed


Here are miscellaneous methods of payment sorted by speed:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer
  • Online check
  • Check
  • PO
  • etc

If you have a personal credit card you can use it to purchase the software than present the receipt to your company to get reimbursed.




  • Usually the email we send to you should reach you within seconds. However, sometimes our/your email server may be pretty busy and it may take few minutes, even hours to send/receive the email.
  • If you cannot find the email we sent you, please check your 'Junk/Spam' folder.










DNA contig assembly
DNA contig assembly
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