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contig assembly software
contig assembly software

sequence assembly software

Settings window

DNA Baser v3



Important notice: Many users are afraid to change the default settings of a program. We encourage you to experiment with DNA Baser Assembler settings and to try to find the most ergonomic way of exploiting our software. The Settings window we gives you access to the assembly algorithms so that you are able to alter DNA Baser's behavior as you like. You can restore all settings to default whenever you want by deleting the Settings file.




DNA assembly download GENERAL BEHAVIOR tab

sequence assembly software


scf trace assembly Show hint as tool tips - This will pop up a small tool-tip window every time you hold your mouse over a control. This is the recommended settings if you are a beginner. If this is becoming annoying, you can turn it off and display the tool-tips only in Status bar.


scf trace assembly Show hints in status bar - This will show the hint in the status bar.


contig assembly software Use alpha transparency - This will add a nice transparency effect.


sequence assembling Auto align windows - If checked, DNA Baser will arrange all its child windows for better visibility and access. This will happen after you click the START button to start the assembling process and in other few situations.


scf trace assembly Associate DNA Baser with - This will bind the selected sample files to DNA Baser so when you double click a sample file in Windows Explorer/My Computer, DNA Baser will automatically start and load that sample file.


scf trace assemblySolve SCF name conflict - Provides a handy tool (called ShowDesktop Alternative to solve an issue that MS Windows has related to SCF files.




molecular biology software OPEN/SAVE tab

sequence assembly software


DNA chromatogram assemblyShow hidden/system files - If enabled, DNA Baser will show in Sample Explorer files that otherwise are not visible.




scf trace assembly ASSEMBLY SETTINGS tab


DNA trace assembly

chromatogram assembly Assembly scores - represent the alignment scores used during assembly. We recommend using the default scores.




DNA sequence assembly ASSEMBLY WINDOW tab


dna assembly software


chromatogram assembly Cell size - the size of the cells in the grid. The default value is 12x12 pixels.

sequence assembling First cell size - the length of left header in the grid. In this header will be displayed the name of the files that are assembled.

molecular biology software Choose font - this will allow you to choose a font from the ones that you have already installed in your computer.

DNA sequence assembly Set special font - good looking font with very good visibility/ergonomics.

contig assembly software Link assembly window to main form's edges - when you resize the main form, the Assembly window will be also resized (the edges of Assembly window will be glued to main form's edges).




sequence assembling CHROMATOGRAM VIEWER tab


molecular biology software


abi trace assembly Use anti-aliasing - this will make the traces to look much better (will remove the jagged edges) but will slowdown a little the program when you use the scrollbar to scroll the chromatograms.




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sequence assembly software

sequence assembly
molecular biology software
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