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The Assembly window




The assembly window consists in:

The CONTING MAP, the ASSEMBLY GRID and the CHROMATOGRAM VIEWER are correlated, resulting in a synchronized display of the chromatograms, contig and contig map. This makes the correction of ambiguous bases much faster and easier.


contig assembly window with chromatogram viewer and contig map


Common used functions


Most functions related to this window are available in the main menu but some that often used are available via pop-up menu (right click on a sample to pop the menu) or right under the contig grid:

save contig - Save changes to the contig and close the current window.

view contig button - See how the contig looks after it was saved to disk.

DNA chromatogram height - Adjust the position of the bases relative to the peaks. It applies to the currently selected sample.

contig map button - Show/hide the contig map.

chromatogram height - Increase/decrease peak height. It applies to the currently selected sample.




Ambiguity navigation system


The user's hands-on time is minimized by our AMBIGUITY NAVIGATION SYSTEM that guides the user from ambiguity to ambiguity and allows fast editing of ambiguous bases. Details about this module here.

ambigous bases  - Navigate to the next ambiguous base.

previous button - Navigate to the previous ambiguous base.




Colors in DNA Baser


In the ASSEMBLY GRID, the ambiguous bases are highlighted with the red color. The low quality bases in the untrusted regions removed by the Trimming Engine have a gray background. The recognition sequences used for vector removal are highlighted in light blue. The selection is yellow and the reference sequence is pink.




SNP analysis


DNA Baser does not offer SNP functionality per se. In case of SNP the base suggested by DNA Baser is not an IUPAC ambiguous base. However, DNA Baser highlights (see figure above) the ambiguities (SNP can be considered an ambiguity also) so you can use the Ambiguity Navigation System to navigate between SNP points.







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