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The Ambiguity Navigation System






In most cases DNA Baser automatically corrects all ambiguous bases in the contig. However, if the user whishes, it can manually edit ambiguous bases. The AMBIGUITY NAVIGATION SYSTEM guides the user from ambiguity to ambiguity and allows fast editing of ambiguous bases.


You can press the Next and Previous buttons to move the cursor to the next/previous ambiguity:

ambigous bases  - Navigate to the next ambiguous base.

previous button - Navigate to the previous ambiguous base.



'Solved' ambiguities


Pressing the 'Next' button will also mark the current ambiguity in green color to indicate that the user reviewed the ambiguity and accepted the base suggested by DNA Baser. If you don't want to automatically accept DNA Baser's suggestions, please keep the Control key depressed while clicking the Next button.

Hint: You can press F6 and F7 on your keyboard to quickly mark an ambiguity as 'solved' or 'not solved'.


Note: You don't have to mark ALL ambiguities/mismatches as 'solved'. Actually, its main function is to allow the user to have a quick overview of the corrections (green color) he made in the contig and the number of ambiguities (red) left uninspected.



Colors used


In the ASSEMBLY GRID, the ambiguous bases are highlighted with the red color while 'fixed' ambiguities are highlighted in lime color.






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