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Editing bases in a sequence

Editing the contig






You can edit a sample while it is loaded in:


IUPAC ambiguity code is supported. These is no difference between editing an input sample or editing the contig. To edit a single sample, double click that sample in Project Manager to load it. Multiple sequences can also be easily edited in the Assembly window.




Editing a base in Assembly Grid


The editing functions can be accessed in different ways:


Edit contig ambigous bases
Fig. 1 - The main menu
Fig. 2 - The pop-up menu (right click)


IMPORTANT NOTE: DNA Baser will not overwrite your original sample files (details).




In the next screen shot, you will see how to edit a base (the one indicated by the arrow).


Step one:

Choose the base you want to edit:

DNA contig assembly

Step two:

Double click that base to enter in EDIT mode:

scf trace assembly

Step three:

Input the new base. In our case, we replaced 'A' with 'G'.

scf trace assembly


Step four: Press 'Save project' to save the changes. IMPORTANT: DNA Baser will not overwrite your original sample files (details)!






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