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How to use DNA Sequence Assembler v3

(Step by step tutorial)

Part 2 - How to edit and save the contig

Level: beginner
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This tutorial will show how to fix ambiguities, remove vectors and save the assembled contig to disk.



1. Removal of the ambiguous bases from the contig.

Go to the first ambiguous base (which in this example is N) and double click it. The Base Editor should appear:


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Now press a key to replace the ambiguous base with the desired one (which in this example is a gap). At this moment the Base Editor will accept your input, will exit and the cursor will jump to the next column:

scf trace assembly


IMPORTANT: DNA Baser will not overwrite your original sample files (details). More about base editing here:

2. Primer detection/Vector removal

DNA Sequence Assembler will automatically trim the vectors from your contig. Visit this page for more information about the vectors and active primers.

3. Saving the contig

DNA Baser will automatically save the project and the contig for you (details). All gaps will be automatically removed from the saved contig file.




Video tutorial





The next Next chapter tutorial explains how to assemble to a reference sequence.


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