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DNA Sequence Assembler v4

The ultimate DNA sequence assembler

Affordable DNA sequence assembly, sequence alignment and contig editing




The story behind this version


DNA Sequence Assembler v4 is the natural evolution of the (now famous) DNA Sequence Assembler v3 software. DNA Sequence Assembler is appreciated by scientists all over the world and from all biology fields for its flexibility, complete set of tools and its mature graphic interface.... and of course... also for its unbeatable price :)


In the past DNA Sequence Assembler performed as good as the quality of the input data. And, we have encountered so many poor sequences/chromatograms, mostly because of the poor job done by obsolete base callers (such as Phred) or simply because of the incompetence of some sequencing companies. As usual, we wanted to offer EVEN MORE accurate results, so, we had to do it: to implement our own base caller. It required massive effort but (we hope) it is a very good base caller.


We hope this new powerful feature will help you to finish your sequencing work faster and with better results.




DNA Sequence Assembler v4 free licenses


We reward our users/beta testers with free keys for feedback/bug reports.

The following customers will receive a v4 LICENSE FOR FREE. We thank them all for their invaluable feedback:

  • Dr. Akifumi Hosoda
  • Dr. Akira Uchino
  • Dr. Anusak Kerdsin
  • Dr. Arvind Varsani
  • Dr. Barbara Fussi
  • Dr. Bryan Mathis
  • Dr. Els Maas
  • Dr. Enrico Nasi
  • Dr. Gopal Murugan
  • Dr. Ivona Djurkin
  • Dr. Jakob Pernthaler
  • Dr. Jorge Rodriguez
  • Dr. Jose Luis Sanz
  • Dr. Juerg Enkerli
  • Dr. Kengo Kato
  • Dr. Nathan Gordon
  • Dr. Navin Horthongkham
  • Dr. Nestor Guillermo Basso
  • Dr. Noriyuki Koizumi
  • Dr. Paul Holford
  • Dr. Pieter van Dillewijn
  • Dr. Raul Miranda
  • Dr. Russell Rasmussen
  • Dr. Shaun Lippow
  • Dr. Shlomo Blum
  • Dr. Stephan Schmitz-Esser
  • Dr. Tim Evans
  • Dr. Torbjørn Ekrem
  • Dr. Yukio Nagano
  • Dr. Alejandro Acosta González


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