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The Unlock Key



What is the Unlock Key?

To switch DNA Baser from trial mode to full working mode or to extend the trial period, you need a valid Unlock Key (also called 'license key' or just 'key'). The Unlock Key is nothing else than string or characters (numbers and letters). The key is unique for each customer.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of DNA Baser before entering the key.



How to enter your key into the program?


To enter the key, use the 'Enter key' menu located under the 'Info' main menu:

enter key in DNA Sequence Assembler


You can also enter the key in the About box, where you will click the 'Enter key' button:

Enter key in About box


This will open a special dialog box where you can finally enter your key. Please enter key exactly as given to you. Do not try to edit it in any way:

The Enter Key dialog box


Note: It may take several days until we will send your definitive key. However, you can start using the program immediately by entering the temporary key sent to you after purchase.



The key was not accepted


The program will inform you if the key was accepted or not. If the key was not accepted please send us:

  • The error message
  • A screenshot of the key entered into its field (like this one)
  • A screenshot of the About box (like this one)
  • Your current DNA Baser version. If you don't have the latest version, please download it and try again.

Without this information we cannot help you.



Multiple Windows accounts


If you want to install the license on a multi-user system (a Windows computer with more than one user account) you will have to enter the license for each user separately OR to run DNA Baser with administrator rights and enter the key just once (for a single user). This will make the the license available to all other users of the system.





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