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About website security and secure online transactions





Is it safe to purchase online?

All online activities (inlcuding online pruchases) are unsafe unless are done over HTTPS.

Since the beginning of our business, we are using only https connections for online transactions. Your order is processed by our reseller who has an authorization to work with credit cards.





Using a credit card in a secured site, over a HTTPS secured connection is vay more safer then passing the credit card to a waiter in a restaurant. In case of online order, no human being is seeing your credit card number!



What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts the page requests and page information between the client browser and the web server using a secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is an industry-standard way to send personal information over the Internet.


How it works?


When you buy a DNA Baser license over the World Wide Web, your web browser connects with BlueSnap (our reseller) web site through SSL. SSL ensures you are actually sending data to our reseller (BlueSnap) and not someone else who claims to be BlueSnap. It's fast, safe, and it ensures that your personal information will not be read by anyone else.



Do I need a special browser/software?


No. SSL and HTTPS is a famous standard. Any modern browser supports it.



How do I know if my connection is encrypted or not?


To ensure you are transferring your data over a secure connection, look for at least one of the following indicators in your browser:

  security The website's address changes to one that begins with "https" (check for the "s" which designates a "secure" site).

  security A security alert window tells you that you are about to use a secure connection (some browsers let you choose whether to display this message or not).
  security A symbol of an "open padlock" changes to a closed padlock when you're in a secure connection.


See below:

Secure connection indicators in Firefox



more https secure connection examples
Secure connection indicators in Netscape and Internet Explorer




More technical details

HTTPS by default uses port 443 as opposed to the standard HTTP port of 80. URL's beginning with HTTPS indicate that the connection between client and browser is encrypted using SSL.
SSL transactions are negotiated by means of a key based encryption algorithm between the client and the server, the key is 128 bits in strength.


What Are Cookies Used For?


A cookie is a text-only string of information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk so that the website can remember who you are.




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