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Assemble thousands of samples/sequences

Assemble thousands of samples in minutes without touching your keyboard!






Creating revolution in biology


DNA Sequence Assembler was the FIRST TOOL ON THE MARKET to offer full automatic sequence assembly. This is extremely useful when assembling a large number of sequences (hundredths/thousands) that belong to different contigs. The average assembly speed (considering that each contig has two SCF sample files) is about one contig per second which results in 3600 contigs per hour!



How it works?


All you have to do is to navigate to the folder where your samples are located, define a pattern so the program can recognize which samples belong to the same contig and press the START button. You are now relieved from the slavery of performing boring and repetitive tasks. You can go and enjoy a cafe. The software will do your job. It will start to pair your samples and for each pair it will:

  • import the samples
  • import the reference (if any defined)
  • automatically clean untrusted regions
  • assemble the samples
  • automatically remove the primers/vectors
  • automatically integrate metadata (if any defined)
  • automatically correct the ambiguities
  • automatically saves the contig/project/log to disk

At the end of the cycle, the program moves to the next pair and the cycle repeats.

Please note that it is possible to assemble all your sequences to a reference sequence even in Batch mode. However, you can specify only one reference (you cannot specify a different reference for each pair).

We highly recommend to activate the Base Caller when assembling DNA sequences at batch. This result in 99.99% accurate contigs.



Which type of batch is right for you?


DNA Baser can detect the pair of samples in two ways: based on the name of the sequences and based on the localization of sequence files in subfolders. Therefore, you use DNA Baser to perform batch sequence assembly:

  • By folders if you have the samples belonging to the same contig in the same folder.
  • By filename pattern if your samples are ALL in the same folder but their name follow a pattern.




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