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DNA chromatogram assembly
chromatogram assembly

The Job List


contig assembly software Exploring for files. Adding/deleting files to Job List.

In the Job List box are the files that are going to be assembled.
From the Folder List panel select the folder were your sequence files are. The files will appear in the File List box. From the File Type filter box, you can choose what file types to be displayed (for a description of the file types supported by DNA Baser, please visit this page). To add the files in the Job List you can either drag and drop or use the buttons Add file DNA sequence assembly and Add all files chromatogram assembly.
To delete files from the Job List you can use Delete selected dna assembly software and Delete all dna assembly software buttons. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the Delete key.

Note: The START button DNA assembly download will be disabled if the Job list contains less than two files.

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