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Inserting bases in a sequence

Inserting bases in the contig




You can insert a base in the chromatogram by simple pressing the Insert key on your keyboard, but you cannot directly insert a base in the contig since this will break the synchronization between the contig and the assembled sequences. However, there is a (simple) way to indirectly insert a base in the contig - please read the "Inserting a column" section.


Inserting a base



Edit contig ambigous bases
Fig. 1 - The main menu
Fig. 2 - The pop-up menu (right click)



Inserting a column


In Assembly window, inserting bases in one of the assembled chromatograms will break the synchronization between that chromatogram and rest of the assembled chromatograms. Therefore, we recommend you to use the Insert column function instead of Insert base. This function will insert a GAP in all sequences at the specified position (cursor's position), including in the contig (see Fig. 3).


Fig. 3 - Inserting a new column



[Text below applies only if you edit bases in the assembly window]

    By inserting a base in one of the assembled chromatograms, you force DNA Baser to recalculate the contig. This means that all editing that you have done in contig (staring at the current insertion point and up to the end of the contig) will be lost. Because of this, we recommend you do make any insertion you want in the beginning and only when you are done inserting bases, you can proceed editing the contig.

    To stay away from troubles, please avoid inserting bases in a single sequence, in order to keep the synchronization between sequences. Instead of inserting a base in a single sequence, you may want insert a base in all sequences on that column (see insert column).




In a chromatogram, you cannot insert a base before the first base and after the last base.




   * To edit a single sequence, double click that sequence in Project Manager to load it. Multiple sequences can also be easily edited in the Assembly window.

   * In Assembly window, you may want to insert a column instead of inserting a single base.





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