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DNA Sequence Assembler
Tired of manual DNA sequence analysis/assembly?





Revolutionary technology


Most sequence assembler tools on the market belong to the second generation. DNA Sequence Assembler is the new standard in DNA sequence assembly as it brings a revolutionary and absolutely unique feature: it automates the entire DNA sequence assembly process.



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Why is DNA Sequence Assembler better than any other sequence assemblers?


Fully automated

     Increases your productivity at least 10 times through automatic sequence cleaning, vector removal and error correction.


Batch sequence assembly

     You need weeks to assemble thousands of contigs using your old sequence assembler?
     What about doing this in minutes using the batch sequence assembly module?


Unbeatable price

     We don't hide DNA Baser's price as other companies do. The price is public and the same for all customers.


Buy it now, use it now

     You don't have to wait weeks until your key arrives. You can use the software seconds after you placed the order.


Support without additional fees

     We offer TRUE high-quality support without additional annual fees.


Buy it once, use it forever

     The license is life-time valid. Version updates are free also.


Truly easy to use

     DNA Baser is the only software on the market for which you don't need to read the manual before using it.



How DNA Sequence Assembler automates the sequence assembly process?


DNA Sequence Assembler will:

Help you to import your DNA samples (ABI, SCF, FASTA, SEQ, TXT)

Automatically trim the low quality ends of your chromatograms

Automatically correct the ambiguities (with a rate of success of over 99.9%)

Automatically remove the vectors from the contig

Automatically save the contig to disk



The true meaning of "easy to use"


Every single concurrent pretend that they have an easy to use interface. "Easy to use" is a subjective term and many companies take advantage of this and misuse the concept. But DNA Baser Sequence Assembler it really is easy to use because it was designed together with the customer.

A newcomer won't feel the need to read the manual or to take special training class because the manual was embedded into the interface: a pop-up will appear, when the user hovers the mouse over an interface item, to describe how to use that item.


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Automation, automation, automation


DNA Baser Sequence Assembler fully automates the assembly process. For years the users were complaining that DNA sequence assembly is a very lengthy process. And deed WAS. With other DNA sequence assemblers, the user has to:

  • identify samples belonging to the same contig based on the name of the files
  • manually clean the samples (cut low quality sequence ends)
  • reverse complement the samples when necessary
  • manually search and remove the recognition sequences (vectors/primers)
  • manually correct contig ambiguities
  • search for mutations

DNA Sequence Assembler does all these tasks automatically!


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For more details, see the DNA Sequence Assembler Features page.

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