Merge GenBank/GBK/FASTA/FastQ files into a single file
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Merge GenBank/GBK/FASTA/FastQ files into single file

Merge Fasta/FastQ files





This freeware tool can merge two or more large text files. Since the fasta, fsa, fast, fastq, seq and gbk files are actually text files, they can be merged with this tool. It can merge any files no matter how large they are! Just make sure you have enough free disk space in your computer.



How to use it

  1. Start the program
  2. Make sure you enter the correct file extension in the 'File type' box. Enter '*.fasta' for fasta files, '*.fastq' for FastQ files, etc. Enter '*.*' to show all files
  3. Locate the Fasta/FastQ files you want to merge
  4. In the 'Separator' box put an empty row. This means that when two files are merged, there will be an empty row between them.
  5. Press the CONVERT button. The output will be save in the same folder (where the input files are located).
  6. Optional: Open the output file in the Avalanche Sequence Analyzed to analyze it.

Merge GenBank/GBK/FASTA/FastQ files into a single file


Supported files


Any text file (fasta, fsa, fast, fastq, seq, gbk, etc).



Fasta/FastQ merger


Download time

under 5 seconds

GenBank/FastQ/MultiFasta to FASTA converter



System requirements


Fasta/FastQ Merger can run on any version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10 and also on Mac via Parallels or Bootcamp. It does not install additional libraries, updates, DLL, Java or registry keys into your system.


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Merge GenBank/GBK/FASTA/FastQ files into a single file
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Merge GenBank/GBK/FASTA/FastQ files into a single file. Molecular biology software
DNA chromatogram assembly
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