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How to download

Affordable DNA sequence assembly, sequence alignment and contig editing




How to download


In the download page click the DNA Sequence Alignment download button.


Free DNA Sequence Assembler download



This will take you to a second page where the download will auto-start.

The page should look like this:


Auto start download page



In a few seconds the browser should ask you if you want to save/download DNA Baser:


Save DNA Sequence Assembler file

(Note: we took this screenshot from Firefox. the screen may be a bit different if you have a different browser.)



However, if the 'Save' dialog doesn't appear probably your browser or antivirus is blocking the auto-download.

For this case we implemented a helper-link. Please just click the 'If the download doesn't start automatically, click here' link at the bottom of the page:


Second DNA Sequence Assembler download



The download must start now. If still nothing happens: please let us know which browser are you using so we can give you accurate instructions. We also need to know your antivirus name.



If you still cannot download DNA Sequence Assembler, you should try (in this order) few things:

  1. Check the antivirus (or better: temporary disable it).
  2. Check the 'Finished Downloads' list of your browser. It is possible that the browser would not download the file again if the file was already downloaded. In Mozilla Firefox press 'Control + J' keyboard shortcut to open the downloads list.
  3. Check the default folder where your browser downloads the files.
  4. Check with your system administrator to see if they are blocking any downloads.


While installing the software under Windows Vista you may see this message "This program might not have installed correctly". Just ignore this message by clicking the "This program installed correctly" button.


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