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DNA Sequence Assembler
The only command line sequence assembler for Windows!



This tool is the command line version of the famous DNA Sequence Assembler. With this tool you can perform DNA sequence assembly from your own "DOS" (Windows console) and Linux scripts. .




  • import samples in the specified folder
  • automatically trim low quality ends
  • assemble the contig (it can also assemble to a reference sequence)
  • remove recognition (primer/vectors) sequences from contig
  • correct the ambiguities in contig
  • save the log and the contig to disk


Command line options


You can specify the following parameters:

  • Reference file
  • Input folder
  • Input file type (scf, abi, ab1, ab, fasta, seq, gbk)
  • Output folder
  • Recognition sequence - used to recognize and clean primers/vectors
  • Keep/Cut recognition sequence
  • Low quality end trimming
  • WriteLog



Example of script (create a BAT/CMD file and paste this code in it):


BaserConsole.exe ^
   /InputFolder="c:\samples" ^
   /FileType='*.abi' ^
   /OutputFolder="c:\samples\out" ^

pause > nul


This simple script will call DNA Baser Console using 'c:\samples' as input folder. All ABI samples in that folder will be assembled.



Name DNA Sequence Assembler Console v4.33
Date 30 March 2016
File size (single EXE file) ~ 3 MB
Download time less than 5 seconds
SFF converter - Free download





Known issue: the vector removal is not ready yet in this version, but we will have an update in the next 2 days.
What's new in this version...

News: Speed improvement. The assembler engine has been upgraded from DNA Baser v3 to DNA Baser v4.30. The "--TrimEnd parameter is ignored" bug has been fixed.

What's in the package/How to install it...

DNA Sequence Assembler Console is delivered in a small package together with other free molecular biology tools. Download the package and double click it. The programs inside the package will be extracted to the destination folder (specified by you). Go to the destination folder and double click the program you want to use.

DNA Sequence Assembler Console installs in any computer even if you don't have administrator rights. To uninstall DNA Sequence Assembler Console, just delete it.


This software tool is really small so you can easily copy it on a floppy disk or USB flash stick and take it with you or send it to your colleagues via email.

Instant feedback...

This tool is sequence analysis command line software. Please help us make it better. Let us know if you have any feature requests and we will try to integrate them.


Your feedback is important to us!



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