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Automatic DNA Sequence Assembler

Tired of manual DNA sequence alignment/analysis?




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DNA sequence assembly software. Automatic ambituity correction, automatic end trimming, automatic vector removal


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DNA Sequence Assembler is revolutionary bioinformatics software for automatic DNA sequence assembly , DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, file format conversion and mutation detection.

Its unbeatable price and the truly user-friendly interface makes DNA Baser Assembler the modern choice for DNA sequence assembly.



DNA Sequence Assembler is the only tool that fully automates the assembly process:

  • Automatically detect and trim low quality regions of your samples
  • Automatically trim vector/primer sequences
  • Automatically correct the ambiguities in your contig
  • Automatically save the contig to disk

With DNA Sequence Assembler you need ONLY 5 (five) seconds to go from unassembled samples ("dirty" samples with untrusted ends and vectors) to the final output data (the contig, cleaned and saved to disk).



With DNA Sequence Assembler you can also:

  • Assemble or align multiple DNA samples to a reference sequence
  • Batch assemble or align groups of sequences by name (it will automatically recognize sequence pairs)
  • Preview FASTA sequences and chromatograms as you navigate through your folders
  • View, analyze and edit ABI, SCF, FASTA, SEQ, TXT, GBK sequences
  • Mark specific chromatogram regions (like discrepancies, low-quality areas) with colors & quickly navigate to these regions
  • Convert or batch-convert between different file formats (ABI, SCF, SEQ, FASTA, multi-FASTA, GBK...)
  • Detect double peak mutations
  • Detect mutations between two (or more) chromatograms
  • Use the embedded base caller to re-call undetermined (N) bases
  • Reassess the base quality (QV)
  • Easily overview your project using the synchronized chromatogram/assembly grid/contig map


DNA Sequence Assembler is the only tool on the market that can accurately perform

the entire DNA sequence assembly process without human intervention!


DNA fragment alignment, sequence analysis and editing, assemble to reference, sequence alignment/sequence analysis




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