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Tasks is the central place in DNA Baser from you can:

  • open recent closed projects
  • start new sequence assembly projects
  • start mutation detection
  • batch process sequences

Hint: Press F2 to quickly open the Tasks panel.


Sequence assembly tasks



New task


Clicking an item 'New tasks' will bring the Project Manger (or one of the windows corresponding to the selected task) to front so you can start that task.



Recent items


Recently closed projects/folders/chromatogram files are added into the Recent Items panel. Double click an item to re-open it.

You can clear the Recent Items by pressing the little 'C' button at the top of the panel.



Info center


A special panel from you can quickly access the manual, contact us for support, request a feature or open the Price Calculator.





You can set this windows to automatically close every time you start a new task and to reopen when upon task completion. For this, check the 'Automatically close this panel' and also the 'Open Task panel upon task end' checkbox.


If 'Remember last task' is check, when you restart the program, the Project Manger will remember the last tasks performed.


You can also use DNA Baser without going through the Tasks panel. Some of its functions are also accessible from the File menu. So, if you don't like the Tasks panel you can uncheck the 'Show this panel at start up'.





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