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Upgrade path for existing customers






free DNA Sequence Assembler upgrade path

If you purchased DNA Baser Sequence Assembler v4 in the last 30 days can upgrade to DNA Baser v5 for free.

Otherwise you can upgrade to DNA Baser v5 for a special price if you upgrade NOW!


Existing license: Discount
(next 30 days)
(after 30 days)
v4 to v5 upgrade 60% 30%
v3 to v5 upgrade 50% 15%
v2 to v5 upgrade 30% N/A
v1 to v5 upgrade N/A N/A



Upgrade conditions and details

  • Your current order must be at least $450 (before discount) otherwise different discount rates will apply
  • The discount only apply to the modules that you already own. For example if you only purchased DNA Baser v3 'Sequence assembler' module and now you also want the 'Batch sequence assembly' module, the discount will not apply to this new module.
  • If you received a discount on your original purchase, that discount is subtracted from the current discount
  • The special upgrade price listed above is offered only to customers that submitted full payment on time (within one month since the date of purchase). Otherwise, a different discount applies.
  • If you have received a 'free upgrade' offer, you need to demonstrate it by presenting the email/coupon you got from us.
  • By upgrading, your old DNA Baser license gets invalidated and replaced with a DNA Baser v4 license. In other words, you don't receive an extra license, additional to the old license. For example: if you had one DNA Baser v2 license now you will have one DNA Baser v4 license, not also a DNA Baser v2 license.
  • Please test DNA Baser v4 before upgrading.

As usual, updates inside the version (for example updating from v5.0 to v5.99) are free.



How to upgrade?


To upgrade your license please contact us. Please give us some details about you so we can locate your order. The best would be if you can indicate the exact date of purchase. Please let us know how many licenses you own and how many of them you want to upgrade. Please also indicate which modules you want to purchase and the method of payment (credit card, wire transfer, ACH, PO, etc).



More discounts


If you upgrade an existing license and you also purchase a new license you get a 25% discount for the new license!

Note: The discount only applies if you purchase the licenses at the same time!




What is new in DNA Baser v5?


An impressive number of new features and improvements are available in version 5. Some of these new features are:

  • Mutation detection module
  • State of the art base caller
  • Save the entire project to disk
  • Edit existing projects
  • Remember user edits
  • MRU (Most Recent Used Files and Folders)
  • Batch by name pattern based on separator
  • Tutorial panel










* The prices listed in this page may change without notice.

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