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How search for a specific DNA sequence




The search function can be used in the Assembly window in two ways:

  • to search for a specific DNA sequence
  • to jump to a certain position in the selected sequence/row


Calling the SEARCH box

The search function can be called from the Search menu in the main window, or by pressing the Control+F on your keyboard:

DNA assembly contig search



Click either 'Search' or 'Jump to....' and the SEARCH BOX will open:dna baser - using the search box



Performing a search


Insert your sequence in the 'Search Box' and press ENTER to begin searching.


Performing a jump


Insert a base number in the 'Search Box' and press ENTER to move the cursor at the specified position.



  • The search starts from current cursor position and goes to the end of the line/sequence.
  • The search is always done on the current selected line. Click a different line to search on that line.
  • Pressing the Search button, Enter or F3 multiple times, will perform multiple searches.




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