DNA contig assembly
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DNA Baser: chromatogram viewer, primer detection


Some of the assembly core features are:

DNA features Automatic sequence assembly from ABI, SCF, FASTA and SEQ files with only 3 clicks.

DNA features Batch assembly. Thousand of contigs can be assembled at once

DNA features Assemble to reference

DNA features Automatic cleaning (trimming) of the bad ends of chromatograms, based on the confidence scores (confidence score). The resolution of the trimming engine can be fully adjusted by the user; this operation saves significant time, as manual ‘cleaning’ of the trace sequences is not needed any more.

DNA features Synchronized display between chromatograms and contig, which makes the correction of ambiguous bases much faster and easier.

DNA features A rapid navigation between mismatches. With just one click you can jump to the next mismatch.

DNA features Chromatogram viewer and editor (ABI and SCF).

DNA features Project map

DNA features Easy to use interface: the user can make a contig with only 3 mouse clicks.

DNA features Automatically save the contig to disk.

DNA features Automatic primer detection and vector removal.

DNA features Top accuracy - DNA Sequence Assembler is not using a "partial solution" algorithm like other programs. The precision of ambiguity correction recorded during testing was better than 96%. The user must only have to confirm program's suggestions instead of editing the contig.

DNA features Fast assembly algorithm





Other features:

DNA features BEST price on the market and significant discount when several licenses are ordered. Please see the Prices page for more details

DNA features Intelligent, ergonomic, easy to use interface. Just drag and drop your files, then press the 'Start' button and the contig is done. The user has full control over the graphic user interface (GUI) and the sounds.

DNA features Low resource requirement: it can run even on very old systems. Incredibly small size: The full package has about 2MB and it includes few SCF samples, sounds, skins.

DNA features 100% safe. DNA Baser will never alter your chromatogram files (results are saved in separate files) and it will never harm your computer by installing files in your operating system / registry. It does not use abusing/dangerous technologies like DCOM, Dot Net, DLL's, Java, ActiveX, MFC, VBR, scripts.

DNA features Auto updating. The program automatically checks and download the updates from the Internet. Updates are free.

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