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DNA Sequence Assembler

Tired of manual DNA sequence analysis/assembly?







DNA Sequence Assembler is the first and only software on the market that FULLY automates the sequence assembly process. It can assemble thousands of contigs without any human intervention.


Based on the filename pattern provided by you, DNA Sequence Assembler will automatically detect sets of samples, assemble them (this of course includes low quality end trimming, vector removal, ambiguity correction, etc) and save the contigs to disk.


Start the batch assembly process, go take a coffee break and when you are back, contigs will be ready for you.





Let's suppose you have 4 SCF files in a folder: E10F.SCF, E10R.SCF, E14F.SCF, E14R.SCF

By looking at their name, DNA Baser Assembler will see that E10F and E10R samples belongs to the same contig and it will assemble the files together. The program will continue until all samples in the folder are paired and assembled.





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