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Program description

DNA Sequence Assembler is easy to use software for DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, contig editing and mutation detection.


Fully functional trial

Trial version is fully functional. DNA Sequence Assembler is the only software on the market that allows you to save your work while you are in the trial period.
Even after the trial period ends, you can still use DNA Baser's internal tools to edit and view chromatogram files, cut primers, to assemble contigs, reverse complement sequences, etc, but you won't be able to save the contig. If the trial period was not enough for you, you can ask a (free) trial extension key.


Instant download

DNA Sequence Assembler

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Release date       
Full working trial
Package size
~3.1 MB
Download time

less than 15 seconds


Microsoft Windows


Mac OS XLinux


Install in any computer!

The program can be installed and it works properly EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS.

In this case just install the program somewhere else than Program Files; for example in a folder where you have write permissions like: "c:\DNA Baser", Desktop, My Documents, etc.




DNA Sequence Assembler is so small that you can easily copy it on a USB flash stick or floppy disk and take it with you.






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