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NCBI Blast Installer

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NCBI Blast installer is a tool from Avalanche NextGen biology software package that automatically downloads and installs the latest NCBI Blast+ edition in your computer.


Automatically download and install NCBI Blast+ package



How to use it

Start NCBI Blast Installer. Press 'Check for latest version' to see if a new Blast version is available on NCBI web site.

If a new version is available, press 'Download and install' to get it.


FastQ dereplicate



NCBI Blast Installer





Download time

under 5 seconds

Sequence Workbench is now part of the Avalanche NextGen package. Please download this package.


  • < 3MB of disk space
  • < 30MB free RAM
  • No Java, no .Net
  • Windows XP and up
  • No installation required



This software tool is really small so you can easily copy it on a floppy disk or USB flash stick and take it with you or send it to your colleagues via email.


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Feedback/News list


This tool is Nextgen SFF/fastq analysis software. Please let us know how to make it better. We are interested in:

  • Feature requests
  • Platform you are interested in (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • A name for the program :)


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