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Using Google for biology searches
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This tutorial will help you to make some advanced searches on Google. Just insert your text here using our guidance.

Google offers few special functions to help you to refine the search. To use these special functions, first write the text you are searching for then write the name of the function followed by semicolon (:). The functions are: site, filetype, link and minus (-)
Press any of the below buttons to start the demo.


Note: This page is for beginner and medium users.


This is the normal search in Google.
You will get many useless results if you use this kind of search:


Normal search



We can refine the search by using quotes around the search text.


Exact match search



If you want to search a text only on a specific web site, you can use the function ‘site:
In this example, Google will look for the 'news' word only on our web site:

Search this web site only




If you want to search for a PDF article the use the function 'filetype:'


Search for articles



This will show only the results that are not related to human genome:


You can do a local search here.


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