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Version date 29.September.2006
License freeware
Installer doesn't need
Package size/type 0.5 MB/ZIP
Download time 5 seconds (for DSL at 100KB/sec)

DNA trace assembly

How to install this screen saver?

1. Download the package ( and unpack it
2. Copy the screensaver (DNA-Baser.scr) to your Windows system directory
       c:\Windows\System (for Windows 95/98 users)
      c:\Windows\System32 (for Windows 2000/XP users )
You will know if you choose the correct folder by looking if other screensavers (*.scr) files are present in that folder.
3. Instruct Windows to use this new screensaver instead of the old one:
- go to 'Display properties' located in 'Control Panel' or by right-clicking on your desktop
- go to 'Screen saver' tab and choose this new screensaver (called DNA-Baser) from the drop down combo box
- set the time to 1 to 30 minutes and press OK
- wait 1-30 minutes for screen saver to appear


right click on your desktop
to pop-up this menu:





Other biology programs


Name   Description
DNA Sequence Assembler
DNA Sequence Assembler
DNA Baser is a tool for DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, and mutation detection. It also offers a powerful chromatogram viewer/editor.
GBK to FASTA converter
GBK to FASTA converter freeware
GenBank to FASTA is a freeware program will convert GenBank (gbk) file format to FASTA format.
ABI to FASTA converter
ABI to FASTA Converter
ABI to FASTA Converter is a free tool will convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button.
Grid cell counter
Grid cell counter Gird cell counter will help you to count faster the cells shown on computer's screen by displaying a grid over your image. Freeware.
A Batch DNA Sample Converter Convertrix is a molecular biology command line tool for converting between several popular DNA sample formats. It can automatically trim the untrusted regions (low quality bases) at the end of samples.
DNA Counter
DNA Counter DNA Counter shows the proportions between nucleotides in a DNA sequence (GC to AT ratio).
MultiFasta Builder
FASTA to multi-FASTA
The MultiFasta Builder is a file converter the merges the specified sample files (ABI, SCF, FASTA, multiFASTA, GBK, multiGBK, SEQ, TXT) in a single multiFasta file.
Chromatogram Explorer
multi-FASTA to FASTA

DNA Chromatogram Explorer is a Windows Explorer clone dedicated to DNA sequence analysis and manipulation. You can view the chromatograms while browsing through folders using its integrated file explorer. With a single click you can trim the low quality bases at the end of your samples.

Everything to FASTA converter
multi-FASTA to FASTA

Everything to Fasta Converter converts the specified samples (SCF, ABI, FASTA, multiFasta, GBK, multiGBK, SEQ, TXT) to FASTA format. Starting with version 3.0 protein FASTA files are also supported.



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