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You occupy a niche and you need a partner in order to expand? We have the training and background to support such an expansion.



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Biology is a large field and most companies are specialized in a tiny niche. However, everybody realizes that expanding it crucial but this requires hiring more people and acquiring resources to deal with a large expansion. Our solution is to build bridges between companies that occupy similar niches and working to expand together.
Heracle BioSoft SRL has a powerful background in biology-oriented software.

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Bulk delivery


Are delivering lab equipment? We can partnership to deliver our software with your equipment. We can pay commission for each license delivered/sold.



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By exchanging advertisement between our web sites we can both enlarge the customer data base without investing money in less reliable 3rd party advertisement programs like Google AdWords.



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Do you think you can sell few DNA Baser licenses per month through your well established web site and biology-related community? We offer a nice percent of each sale you make.

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